Win The Game!

It isn't the ultimate Game of Thrones party without the Iron Throne!

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Easily Conquered

The Throne is YOURS!

...for the next 3 hours.

This package includes a 3 hour rental, delivery and pickup. 



In it to Win it

You've WON The Throne!

This packages includes a 4 hour rental, delivery and pick up.



Bend the Knee

They'll Bend the KNEE!

This package includes a 5 hour rental, delivery and pick up.


But I need to Rule the 9 kingdoms for longer!

No Problem! You can keep the throne as long as you like!

It's only $100/hr. 

Organize A Memorable Game Of Thrones Theme Event With Our Iron Throne Rental Services.

Now is your chance to become Khaleesi and rule over the seven kingdoms. Through our Game of Thrones events company in Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, Anaheim & Pasadena, you get to sit on the iron throne through your themed parties. Apart from iron thrones, we have other pieces from successful fantasy franchises to help you realize your vision for the party. We demand nominal rental for our pieces and ensure maximum satisfaction. So, get on your dragon today!

This item is only available for Southern California residents. 

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Deliveries farther than 30 miles will be charged $1 per mile for each additional mile.